Swarm & Shoot

Episode 24: Off-Season Preview

In this episode, Coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll talk about the team and their current state. The two also talk about recruiting numbers and dive into a very special announcement that involves the coaching staff.



Introduction- 0:00-1:30

Recruiting- 1:40-2:53

Changes on the staff- 3:00-8:00

Impact of the whole staff- 8:10-9:50

Roster Spot and Recruiting Numbers- 9:55-13:49

Freshman impact- 13:55-14:43

Class Size- 14:50-16:35

Consensus of Players- 16:40-18:50

What are others doing different in recruiting?- 19:00-22:40

Spring Ball- 22:50-24:00

Wrap Up- 24:10-26:10

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