Swarm & Shoot

Episode 21: Week 10 Recap

In this episode coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll review the game against the Bluffton University Beavers. The two talk about key takeaways from the game and much more. The two then discuss how the season went.

Music: Bensound.com




Introduction- 0:00-1:10

Bluffton Recap- 1:12-5:10

Rivalry and its meaning- 5:15-6:48

New gameplan- 6:50-13:45

Difference Makers- 13:50-15:18

Defensive success- 15:20-19:20

Offensive Success- 19:40-21:00

Special Teams success- 21:10-22:20

Team Success- 22:23-25:10

Moving Forward- 25:12-28:50

Wrap Up- 29:00-30:46



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