Swarm & Shoot

Episode 11: Week 1 Recap

In this episode coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll go over the game at Albion that happened this past Saturday. Lynn Groll is the publisher of the Black Swamp Football Magazine. The two talk about what happened during the game and why everything happened the way it did.

Music: Bensound.com


0:10 Introduction of Lynn Groll and his Role

0:49 Biggby Coffee

1:42 What transpired in the game against Albion

3:10 Weight room advantage

3:42 Takeaway from the first half

4:47 What changed in the second half?

6:10 Takeaways from Saturday

8:51 Picking up the tempo offensively

10:00 How does the coaching staff move forward after watching the film?

11:20 Transition from High school football player to College football player

12:10 How to stop Hope College

14:27 Showing film and how to adjust to Hope College

15:19 How to get involved with the Swarm and Shoot Weekend

17:09 Wrap up









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