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Special Report: The State of Football in America!

From the latest episode of The Manny Matsakis Show, hear about what’s been developing around the country in regards to football. The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a strong hold on our country, and football in the fall is slowly slipping away from a lot of different areas and leagues. On this episode, Manny sits down with Lynn Groll of Black Swamp Football, and Jerry Buti, the Athletic Director at Defiance High School. They discuss what is currently happening in Northwest Ohio at all levels of football, as well as around the country. A great listen to stay up to date on what’s happening with fall football, as well as getting an inside perspective on how different places are dealing with the pandemic.

Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Show Intro and the State of Football in America

[2:23] How Manny and his staff are handling the pandemic

[3:38] What High School football and fall sports are looking like in Ohio

[8:17] Testing for Covid-19 and how much the cost will be

[9:38] How other states and leagues are dealing with this season

[15:39] The New Jersey model for High School sports; is that possible in Ohio?

[18:57] Jerry Buti’s idea for playing this fall

[20:24] With the bussing issues, would playing more local and regional teams make more sense?

[21:47] What is the financial impact of not playing a football season?

[28:38] Spring Football at the High School and College levels

[38:13] Testing protocols at the College level

[40:24] What the starting dates are looking like for the fall; How Defiance College will operate

[48:40] If there isn’t football, how will that impact enrollment at Defiance College?

[50:51] The impact in the local areas of big schools if there is no football

[56:08] How players will be impacted mentally if they can’t play this season

[58:35] Closing thoughts on playing football this fall

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