Swarm & Shoot

Episode 8: Graduate Assistant Bryan Mestre

In this episode coach Matsakis interviews former Defiance College Football Player Bryan Mestre, who is now a graduate assistant at Defiance College.Coach Mestre coaches the defensive ends and helps out coach Taylor with the defensive line. Coach Matsakis and Coach Mestre talk about the transition from player to coach and what it means to be a Defiance College Yellow Jacket Football Player.

Navigational Highlights

0:30 How Coach Matsakis and Coach Mestre Met

2:40 How the name Cuba Came on

3:35 How Coach Mestre got to Defiance College

5:30 Difference in program and changes

7:10 Biggest transition from player to coach

8:00 Lessons learned from being a coach as opposed to a player

9:02 What to sell recruits on in Defiance

10:15 Pursuing Masters Degree

11:10 Advice to incoming players

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