Swarm & Shoot

Episode 7: Defensive Line Coach Doctor Jeremy Taylor

In this episode coach Matsakis interviews the defensive line coach Jeremy Taylor. Coach Taylor is no stranger to Defiance College. Coach Taylor also has the title of “Doctor” Taylor on campus due to his doctorate degree. Coach Matsakis and Coach Taylor talk about their most recent experiences and much more.


Music: Bensound.com

Navigational Highlights

0:25 Introduction to Coach Taylor

1:45 How Experience With Coaching and Teaching Benefit

3:20 How Coach Taylor got Back into Coaching

4:20 What the Core of Cadets was like

11:16 Advantage of having a Professor (Coach Taylor) on staff

12:15 Takeaways from attending the convention in Texas

15:12 Expectations from D-Line

17:30 How new hires affect Defiance College

19:35 How to help players succeed at Defiance College

23:29 What Makes Defiance special for coach Taylor

26:10 What coaching football is like?

29:10 Developing relationships at Defiance

29:45 Wrap Up

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