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Episode 69: New Year at Defiance College

Happy New Year to all the Yellow Jacket supporters! Kicking off 2021 with this episode, Coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll get back into the swing of things. They discuss how the fall practices went for the team, how the program dealt with the Covid-19 guidelines and breakout, and watching football on Saturdays instead of playing. We’re excited to kick off the New Year!

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Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Show Intro and Sponsors

[1:31] Coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll are back

[1:54] Fall practices and how the players have developed

[4:30] Coaching a young team during this fall and how it was positive going into the break

[6:38] How Covid-19 affected practice and what the program did to follow the guidelines

[9:40] How the players handled the semester and some of the adversity they faced

[11:46] What the semester would have been like without being able to practice this fall

[14:34] The positive and negative aspects of the season being pushed back

[18:34] Show Outro


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