Swarm & Shoot

Episode 65: Daylon Lange (SO Quarterback)

For this Thanksgiving episode, Lynn Groll speaks to one of the DC quarterbacks, Daylon Lange. A man of few words, Daylon discusses his transition to DC as a transfer, what he thinks of the offense so far, and what the team needs to do to prepare for the spring season. Happy Thanksgiving from the Yellow Jacket family!

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Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Show Intro and Sponsors

[1:31] Daylon Lange and how the fall has been for him so far

[2:20] Strengths of the program from Daylon’s perspective and his high school days in Ohio

[3:36] The transition of coming to DC as a transfer player and being in Coach Matsakis’ offense

[4:50] How not having games has impacted practices and what Daylon thinks of his offensive teammates

[5:43] What steps need to be taken to have a successful season in the spring

[6:23] Show Outro


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