Swarm & Shoot

Episode 6: Quarterbacks & Receivers Coach Tyler Bolen

In this episode Coach Matsakis and Coach Bolen discuss quarterback play. The two also discuss virtual reality and how it will be incorporated in the program for the student-athletes to utilize and improve their game.

Music: Bensound.com

Navigational Highlights

0:15- Introduction to Tyler Bolen
2:03- Coach Bolens coaching career
4:20- Coaching Quarterbacks
7:00- Expectations of QB’s
8:45- Which QB’s Coach Bolen wants to build from
10:38- Commercial Break
11:33- Virtual Reality Training
14:20- What Coach Bolen would tell the recruits
16:20- Coach Bolen talks about the Defiance community
18:00- Relationship with roommate (Coach Jovon Johnson)

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