Swarm & Shoot

Episode 55: Emily Cotten (Offensive Asst. and Director of Football Ops)

Lynn Groll (Black Swamp Football) interviews the newest addition to the Yellow Jacket Football staff, Emily Cotten. Coach Cotten will be joining Defiance College as an Offensive Assistant and the Director of Football Operations. In this episode, learn about where she’s from, how she got here, and what she’s looking forward to bringing to the program!

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Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Show Intro and Sponsors

[1:23] Lynn Groll introduces Emily Cotten

[1:45] Coach Cotten’s background and how she got into football

[4:14] When did Coach Cotten know she wanted to work in football?

[6:01] Coach Cotten on her officiating background

[7:26] The challenges of being a woman in the football industry

[9:32] Coach Cotten’s feelings of being involved on the offensive side of the ball

[10:43] How Coach Matsakis found out about Coach Cotten

[12:35] Future goals for Coach Cotten

[13:42] Show Outro


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