Swarm & Shoot

Episode 5: Defensive Backs Coach Jovon Johnson

Defiance College Football

In this episode Coach Matsakis interviews the Defensive Backs Coach Jovon Johnson. Coach Matsakis and Coach Johnson talk about how they met and why Coach Johnson got into coaching. Coach Johnson had recently completed a 13 year career in the CFL and the NFL.

Music: Bensound.com

Navigational Highlights

0:00– Introduction of Coach Johnson

0:36– How coach Johnson got into football

1:30– Leaving hometown to go to Iowa

2:40– From College to the Pros

4:40– Coach Matsakis and Coach Johnson talk about the CFL

6:00– CFL Rivalries

8:43– Top Receivers in the CFL

10:50– CFL Branding

13:20– Difficulty of Playing Defense in the CFL

15:05– Commercial Break

16:20– Football Coaching Convention

19:00– What Coach Johnson wants in a Defensive Back

22:20– Mindset and getting it across to the youth

24:50– DB slogan

25:30– Contributing to Defiance

28:20– Coach Johnsons Roommate

30:20– Wrap Up

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