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Episode 46: Lynn Groll Interviews Coach Matsakis

This past week, Coach Matsakis sat down with Lynn Groll of Black Swamp Football on the Black Swamp Football Podcast. We didn’t want you to miss the great insight, so listen in to how things are going at Defiance and around the local area.

Navigational Highlights

[0:11] Show Intro and Sponsors

[1:36] How has Defiance dealt with the current situation throughout the country?

[4:45] How are the players doing working from home?

[6:23] The effect of losing the spring ball season on the program

[7:21] What it’s like at a D3 program during the summer

[9:21] Leadership within the team

[10:54] How the Assistant Coaches at Defiance College are dealing with the circumstances

[16:07] Recruiting progress at Defiance College and the Virtual Visit

[25:22] Expected roster size going into the 2020 season; Returners and incoming freshmen

[28:09] Position needs going into the summer; Quarterback expectations

[31:46] Defensive offseason improvements and future outlook

[33:28] What’s the biggest steps needed in the fall?

[35:39] Coach Matsakis’s thoughts on the possibilities of not having football this season

[41:53] What other HCAC coaches and administrators are saying during this time

[44:10] Upcoming summer events for the DC football program

[45:38] Show Outro

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