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Episode 45: Virtual Visit Creation

Coach Matsakis sits down with Coach Shank and discusses how our Virtual Visit came about and the process that went into creating it. You’ll hear some great statistics on how well it’s done, and also about some of the other strategies other programs are using to recruit during the pandemic.

To see and take the visit, go to Coach Matsakis’s website HERE and check it out!

Navigational Highlights

[00:11] Show intro and sponsors

[01:36] Topic Introduction

[01:45] Chris Shank and his initial thoughts on how schools are recruiting during the pandemic

[2:57] Overview of current situation and how different places are responding

[5:04] Louie Matsakis (University of Kentucky) gives his thoughts on the Defiance Virtual Visit

[6:01] How did this all happen? A brief overview of how the virtual visit came about

[11:54] The Process; what went into making the virtual visit?

[14:50] The Content; what was actually in the virtual visit?

[21:37] The Results; how do the numbers look since starting this?

[26:51] How you can take see the visit

[29:11] Show Outro

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