Swarm & Shoot

Episode 41: How DC Players are Staying Active

This week, Coach Matsakis speaks with three of our players (Devon Hewitt, Noah Pistory, Terry Geiger) to discuss how they’ve been handling being at home during this unprecedented time. They speak about working out, staying on top of their school work, and what they’ve been watching on Netflix to stay entertained.

Navigational Highlights

00:00 – Show Intro and Sponsors

01:33 – Topic Introduction

02:37 – Introduction to Players (Devon Hewitt, Noah Pistory) 

05:22 – What has been the biggest struggle since going online for school? (Devon Hewitt)

07:28 – How have you been handling being at home during the pandemic? (Noah Pistory)

09:11 – Working Out at Home

11:30 – Are you working and holding a job during this time?

13:08 – How are you keeping in touch with your teammates?

14:52 – What are you watching to stay entertained?

18:32 – Introduction to Players (Terry Geiger)

19:15 – How have you been dealing with everything during this time? (Terry Geiger)

22:35 – Video Game Suggestions

23:45 – Show Outro


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