Swarm & Shoot

Episode 33: Dr. Agnes Caldwell

In this episode, Coach Matsakis interviews Dr.Agnes Caldwell who is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and is also the Academic Dean. The two talk about how Dr.Caldwell got into the role she is in today.


1:22 – Introduction of Dr. Caldwell

3:25 – Research in Northern Ireland and influence of professors

11:32 – Why Defiance College for you

13:35 – Woody Hayes story – “You Win With People”

14:15 – “What are you looking for in hiring new staff and faculty?”

17:17 – First generation college student

12:26 – Coach’s background in college

14:30 – Working with students

27:58 – Student Christmas travel story

31:30 – STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Math

34:36 – Private and Public Institutions

40:00 – Wrap up


Thanks for watching!

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