Swarm & Shoot

Episode 29: Recruiting with Christopher Shank

In this episode, Coach Matsakis interviews Coach Shank who is the Recruiting Coordinator for the Defiance College Yellow Jackets. The two go over an overall analysis of recruiting within the program.



Navigational Highlights


Introduction: 0:00- 1:10

Recruiting Area: 1:11-2:38

Positional Priorities: 2:39- 4:20

Development/Spring Ball: 4:21-5:04

Process For Recruits: 5:05-6:24

Recruit Visits: 6:25-7:09

Diversity of Program: 7:10-10:00

Recruiting In Other States: 10:10-12:10

What To Look For During Visit: 12:11-16:50

Off-season: 17:05-19:42

Ending: 19:42-2049


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