Swarm & Shoot

Episode 25: Recruiting and Staffing Plans

In this episode, Coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll talk about recruiting and staffing plans that will be going on throughout the holiday season. Coach Matsakis talks about each coaches recruiting area in Ohio and out of state. Coach Matsakis will also explain the different things going on with the staff.




Intro- 0:00-1:35

Recruiting- 1:45-5:35

In-State Recruiting- 5:40-8:03

Out-of-state Recruiting 8:07-9:20

Evaluation Process- 9:30-11:09

Football in the South- 11:10-13:30

Timeline- 13:32-14:32

Holiday Recruiting- 14:33-16:37

Staff Advantage- 16:38-18:40

Wrap up- 18:42-19:52





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