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Episode 2: Defensive Coordinator Michael Starkey

Episode 2: Defensive Coordinator Michael Starkey

Coach Matsakis interviews Defensive Coordinator Michael Starkey and they talk about their history together. Coach Starkey expresses why he is a football coach and what his biggest influences are. Coach Starkey also talks about his defensive philosophy and how he put together the defensive coaching staff.

Episode 2 Navigational Highlights

0:34- Introducing Michael Starkey/ Coaching Background
6:35- Why Coach Starkey is a Football Coach
8:02- Biggest Influences for Coach Starkey
10:22- Defensive Philosophy
13:30- Defensive Staff and How to Coach With Them
17:50- What it takes to be a Linebacker in this Defense
19:53- Utilizing VR (Virtual Reality) Training
25:52- Recruiting Pitch to Defiance College
30:35- Coach Starkey Talks about Defiance Ohio

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