Swarm & Shoot

Episode 14: Week 4 Recap

In this episode coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll review the past game against Anderson. The two talk about the outcome of the game and some key takeaways from this game. The two also preview this week’s game against the Mount St. Joseph Lions in Cincinnati.

Music: Bensound.com





Introduction: 0:00-1:12

Recap on Anderson: 1:20-2:20

Anderson Mismatches: 2:26-3:08

Team Improvements: 3:20-5:15

Secondary Improvements: 5:30-6:38

Defense Focus: 6:39-11:25

Quarterback’s: 11:30-11:57

Offense Improvements: 12:00-14:36

Other Areas of Improvements: 14:40- 17:55

2021: 18:00-19:00

Mt. Saint Joseph: 19:05-21:58

Wrap up: 21:59- 22:48

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