Swarm & Shoot

Episode 12: Week 2 Recap

In this episode coach Matsakis and Lynn Groll review the past game at Hope College. The two preview the Manchester game for this week as well as the Swarm and Shoot weekend and all of the activities.

Music: Bensound.com




0:19 Biggby Coffee

1:47 Game Recap

5:30 What it was like to play these competitive teams

7:00 Thinking instead of Reacting

8:47 How to keep confidence levels up

11:55 How to have players see the Championship Vision

14:00 How to prepare on a short week

15:42 How this game came to reality

17:26 Night games or Day games?

18:29 Police Cheif visiting Defiance College Football

19:29 What challenges does Manchester present?

21:55 What will get things moving Offensively

23:40 Having to possibly contain Reggie Washington

24:52 Swarm and Shoot Weekend

26:56 End



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