Swarm & Shoot

Episode 10: Kirstie Mack

In this episode, coach Matsakis interviews Kirstie Mack who is the executive director of the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau. Coach Matsakis and Kirstie talk about how they met and the role Kirstie has in Defiance.

Navigational Highlights

0:50 Introduction to Kirstie Mack

2:35 How Kirstie sells Defiance to Recruits

4:39 What makes Defiance special

8:35 Defiance Ribfest and Sarm and Shoot Weekend

15:00 Perception of Football team in the community

16:43 Advice from Kirstie to improve Defiance

19:00 Advice to Defiance fans

20:50 Wrap Up

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