Swarm & Shoot

Episode 22: All-Conference Players Pt.1 of 2

In this Thanksgiving edition of the Swarm and Shoot Football Show, Coach Matsaskis and Lynn Groll review this past weekend’s official visit. Lynn Groll will also interview 2 out of the 5 Defiance College All-Conference honorees for this football season.


Introduction- 0:00-2:10

Recruiting Weekend/Focus- 2:12-4:30

Perspective of the season- 4:35-5:38

Biggest Hurdle- 5:40-9:00

Leaders in that will step up- 9:04-9:58

Foundation of the program- 10:00-12:30

Recruiting Class 2020- 12:35-14:30

Jaylen Redd Interview- 16:45-22:10

Terry Geiger Interview- 22:12-27:50

Wrap Up- 27:52-28-20



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